Projector repair in Shillelagh. All projector brands supported. 12 months warranty. LCD, DLP, LCOS, Laser and LED projectors. We fix all electronic faults. Over 12000 projector lamps in stock for next day delivery.

We specialize in the repair of projectors from major brands such as ; 3D, Acer, Barco, Canon, Dell, Eizo, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, JVC, LG, MediaVision, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, ViewSonic, Yamaha and many more for issues ranging from projector board repair for electronic faults to chip replacement, projector bulb replacement, colour wheel replacement, ballast repair, projector fan, LCD panel cleaning for home users, business, schools

Electronic Fault Repair

Excessive heat and smoke can result in lamp failure or damage to the optic assembly. Regular maintenance will ensure that your projectors keep working.

Let help you. Our projector repair service operates on a No Fix – No Fee basis. We can guarantee you 100% solution to all electronic faults.
Pick-up and delivery are free. Moreover, we also give 3 months warranty after repair

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White Dots on Image Repair

Are you seeing a lot of black, grey, silver or white stars on projected images? This is an irreversible phenomenon.

Excessive heat is a sure catalyst for this failure. Good news is that although not repairable, the failing component is actually replaceable. Once replaced, the projector is given a new lease of life. So instead of spending more money on a new projector, let us fix what you have. All our services are supported by 3 months warranty, including free nationwide collection and delivery.
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Projector Fan Repair

The air intake, exhaust and ballast fans ensure that the projectors are kept cooled and working at peak performance throughout its lifespan.

For projectors, besides ensuring a source of clean power, it is most important that smooth and unimpeded air flow is ensured because projectors bulbs produce intense heat. Failure of any of the fans would definitely lead to overheating. Your projector will shut down when it detects that a fan has failed and overheating is imminent.

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Preventative Maintenance

Are you experiencing blurry images from your projector? Is it overheating or noisy? Any of these issues could be occasioned as a result of lack of maintenance. Clogged filters and air vents will cause overheating. This may result in early failure of components in the projector. Preventative maintenance preempts the likelihood of breakdowns.

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Color Wheel Replacement

Is your colour wheel missing one or more colour? or does your projector only shows one colour? Maybe a whirring noise whenever the projector is working. These would be the result of a broken colour wheel. Colour wheels are responsible for parsing colour to the screen where your images are being displayed. We can replace your colour wheel speedily with warranty as well. Call us, our service is nationwide. Pickup is free from anywhere in Ireland

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Projector Lamp Replacement

We have access to thousands of Original and compatible projector lamps and bulbs for projectors from manufacturers such as 3M, A+K, Acer, AlphaPro, AmPro, Apollo, APTi, ASK, Proxima, AVIO, Barco, BenQ, Buhl, Canon, Casio, Chatani, Chisholm, Christie, Compaq, CTX, Davis, Dell, Delta, Digital Projection, Dream Vision, Dukane, DWIN, EIKI, Electrohome, Elmo, eLux, Epson, and many more

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Free diagnostic + fixed and predictable repair fee per incidence type. We have scaled prices for incidences such as broken projector fan, broken color wheel, ballast repair, overheating issue, burnt LCD assembly replacement, white spots on display repair, etc


All our repair services are backed with 90 days warranty. This covers all repairs and replacement parts. However issues relating to breakages, spillage or wrong handling are exempted. Please see our Warranty & Returns Policy page for more information


Have you more that one projector to repair? Or you wish to trade in your broken projector for a new one from us? Yes. we offer generous repair discount for clients with regular needs and for those looking for projectors to buy, please visit our eCommerce site.